Samuel W. Buell (Duke): Is the White Collar Offender Privileged? “I don’t think she deserved the Nobel”: Anirudh Bhattacharyya interviews Genevieve Chenard, one of the authors of the scathing paper which has triggered a fresh appraisal of Mother Teresa. Elahe Izadi on why politicians need to beware of the meme. Video games mean losing, so why play? Leon Neyfakh interviews Jesper Juul, author of The Art of Failure. Is Fred Phelps gay? A former Westboro Baptist Church member says maybe. Gay men, straight women — what’s the attraction? New research suggests at least part of the answer lies in their ability to give one another trustworthy mating advice. Adam Liptak on how the disproportionate power enjoyed in the Senate by small states is playing a growing role in the political dynamic on issues as varied as gun control, immigration and campaign finance.