Thomas Nail (Denver): Deleuze, Occupy, and the Actuality of Revolution. David R Cole (UWS): Traffic Jams: Analysing Everyday Life Using Deleuze and Guattari. From New Left Project, Samuel Grove interviews Andrew Robinson on the political philosophy of Gilles Deleuze (and part 2). John Protevi reviews Political Theory after Deleuze by Nathan Widder. Ashley Bohrer reviews Jacques Ranciere’s Althusser’s Lesson. Richard Fitch reviews Thinking the Impossible: French Philosophy since 1960 by Gary Gutting. Daniel Tutt reviews Difficult Atheism: Tracing the Death of God in Contemporary Continental Thought by Christopher Watkin. Slavoj Zizek on the three events of philosophy. Rebecca Rothfeld on why we slober over Slavoj Zizek: Or, how to be incomprehensible and relevant at the same time. You can download Everyday Life and the State by Peter Bratsis (2006).