Erin Ryan (Lewis and Clark): Why Equal Protection Trumps Federalism in the Same-Sex Marriage Cases. Intercontinental collaboration: Caroline O’Donovan in how 86 journalists in 46 countries can work on a single investigation. Daniel Schuman on why Congress deserves a big fat raise: We loathe them, their work stinks — it’s time we paid for better. Seven young members of the National Ballet of Cuba defected last month while on a performing tour in Mexico. Brian Resnick on how those National Debt Clocks on congressional websites are wrong. A New York Times front-page piece on Larry Pratt and Gun Owners of America omits a tiny fact: He's a racist demagogue. The gospel of success: Victoria Beale on Paulo Coelho's vapid philosophy. Here is the first issue of the On Think Tanks Newsletter. A look at how thinks tanks are hotbeds for spy recruitment.