Jessica A. Levinson (Loyola): The Original Sin of Campaign Finance Law: Why Buckley v. Valeo is Wrong. Michael W. McConnell (Stanford): In Defense of Citizens United. Samuel Issacharoff and Richard H. Pildes (NYU): Bush v. Gore and the Constitutional Right to Vote. Garrick B. Pursley (Florida State): The Campaign Finance Safeguards of Federalism. Jonathan Rauch on campaign finance: Raise spending limits, increase transparency. Yes, we have to reform the rules of campaign finance — but we can’t tie our hands in the meantime. From Democracy, a special section on Winning the Voting Wars. In the wake of Citizens United, big campaign donors are buying off not only politicians, but also the local news networks that cover them. The voting wars within: Is the Department of Justice too biased to enforce the Voting Rights Act? David A. Graham on why black people have to wait twice as long to vote as whites.