From BusinessWeek, a special How To issue. Which makes us more miserable: inflation or unemployment? Dartmouth economist David G. Blanchflower finds that high unemployment causes a lot more misery than a comparable amount of inflation. Managing our feelings is an important life skill but is it really a form of intelligence? From Saturday Evening Post, William Jeanes on the worst 10 1/2* vice presidents. Hacktivists as gadflies: For those whose real crime is outsmarting the authorities, severe punishment awaits. How to Be a Stuffed Animal: Frances Stonor Saunder on taxidermy in American museums. Stilled life: Emily M. Keeler on how the morbid craft of taxidermy still exerts a powerful lure. How did we get into this mess? Michael P. McKeating on the legacy of Postmodernism. Memo to recent college grads: Big data jobs are your future.