Lynda G. Dodd (CUNY): The Rhetoric of Gender Upheaval during the Campaign for the Nineteenth Amendment. Michele E. Gilman (Baltimore): Feminism, Democracy, and the “War on Women”. Millions of young girls are forced into marriage: Photographer Stephanie Sinclair speaks up for child brides. Stopping the clock: Will the mainstreaming of egg freezing offer women more choice about when to have children — kind of like the Pill in reverse — or delude them with a false sense of security? Death of a revolutionary: Susan Faludi on Shulamith Firestone’s radical feminism. Girl powder: Jessanne Collins on a cultural history of Love's Baby Soft. Fifty Shades of Feminism: Kamila Shamsie interviews Rachel Holmes on on the rhetoric of freedom, bossy white women, and the prospects of beating patriarchy by 2040. Is a global consensus emerging on women’s issues? Layli Maparyan wonders.