From TNR, did our founders' lack of foresight doom gun control? Alec MacGillis on the tyranny of small states in the undemocratic Senate; and the gun-control push basically died — could the president have done anything to have it turn out differently? The IMF is now among the leading advocates of easy money and avoiding excessive austerity — it is quite a reversal. Is capitalism moral? Steven Pearlstein on the free market vs. the welfare state. Shut up savers: James Surowiecki on the myth of the “war on savers”. Heroes are never in short supply in a catastrophe, of course, but neither are cowards and egoists and creeps who have decided to wallow in melodrama and fear, restless miserablists whose only mile-markers in life are the tragedies that have befallen them. Pretty please politicize the Boston Marathon bombing. The National Digital Public Library has been launched.