Brett M. Frischmann (Yeshiva): Two Enduring Lessons from Elinor Ostrom. From The Economist, a special section on cars. How important is friendship? Aristotle’s advice is to have only as many friends as you can share joys and sorrows with. Ben Judah argues that Putin’s ruling model is no longer functioning and identifies five ”traps” the Russian government now faces. From Roar, Jerome Roos on the dangerous dreams of Slavoj Zizek: His misplaced tribute to Thatcher and his diatribe against direct democracy reveal the dangerous messianic tendencies of his “radical” philosophy. Synthetic nitrogen was born 100 years ago; it’s why half of us are alive. Brian McClendon on cartography’s new golden age. A new university to be named after Barack Obama. Why do we care more about other people's sex lives than our own? Alarm over vanishing frogs in Caribbean.