Jack M. Balkin (Yale): The Court Affirms the Social Contract. Alex Moore reviews Is Good Governance Good for Development? by Jomo Kwame Sundaram and Anis Chowdhury. Nothing endangers globalization more than the yawning governance gap — the dangerous disparity between the national scope of political accountability and the global nature of markets for goods, capital, and many services — that has opened up in recent decades. Percy and Sagan in the Cosmos: Alan Jacobs on the 30th anniversary of "the last self-help book". Given the current direction of George W. Bush’s numbers, it’s uniquely possible — heck, it’s likely — that by the 10th anniversary of him leaving office in 2018, a majority of Americans will approve of the job he did in office. What lies ahead for 3-D printing? The new technology promises a factory in every home — and a whole lot more.