Maria Francisca Carneiro (Parana): Law and Proportions: Interdisciplinary and Semiotic Foundations for an Idea of Justice. Daniela Cammack (Harvard): Plato and the Construction of Justice. Jacob Weinrib (Toronto): Permissive Laws and the Dynamism of Kantian Justice. John Tasioulas ‏(UCL): HLA Hart on Justice and Morality. Steven R. Ratner (Michigan): Ethics and International Law: Integrating the Global Justice Project(s). Loren King (Wilfrid Laurier): Concepts, Conceptions, and Principles of Justice. Luis Cabrera reviews Justice, Institutions and Luck: The Site, Ground, and Scope of Equality by Kok-Chor Tan. David A. Crocker reviews Habilitation, Health, and Agency: A Framework for Basic Justice by Lawrence C. Becker. Equality of opportunity: Steven Mazie on Obama’s Rawlsian vision. Edward Luce interviews Michael Sandel on his global lectures, Obama and education’s new frontiers. Michael Sandel’s famous Harvard course on Justice launches as a MOOC.