Joseph Fishkin (Texas): The How of Unequal Opportunity. William Egginton on Borges, particles and the paradox of the perceived: How can science, philosophy and a work of pure imagination meet to deepen our understanding of the physical world? "Anthropophagy as a worldview": Camus meets Oswald de Andrade. The hollowing out of government: When Republicans can’t repeal laws they don’t like, they hollow them out, deny funds to fully implement them, and reduce funds to enforce them. From normblog, Eve Garrard on the pleasures of anti-Semitism. Jamais Cascio on the “fuzzy now”: We may think of developments happening eight or ten years from now as being wildly disruptive, but for people living eight or ten years from now, today seems only marginally different at best. How to die: Angelo Volandes's low-tech, high-empathy plan to revolutionize end-of-life care.