Alfred Stepan (Columbia) and Juan J. Linz (Yale): Democratization Theory and the “Arab Spring”. Tarek Masoud (Harvard): Arabs Want Redistribution, So Why Don't They Vote Left? Theory and Evidence from Egypt. Anarchism and the Arab uprisings: Joshua Stephens interviews Mohammed Bamyeh. Nawaf Obaid on the collapsing Arab state: The Arab Spring has toppled some regimes, though not others — but everywhere in the Arab world and beyond it has called into question the viability of the nation-state. Can Jordan's Abdullah II, the region's most pro-American Arab leader, liberalize his kingdom, modernize its economy, and save the country from capture by Islamist radicals? (and more) David Rothkopf on the ugly choice in the Middle East: Permanent chaos, or a new generation of strongmen? Michael Wahid Hanna on the seven pillars of the Arab future: The US cannot make a success of the Arab Spring — only the region’s nations can.