Ashutosh Avinash Bhagwat (UC-Davis): Terrorism and Associations. The biggest question surrounding the marathon bombings is the one of motive: Why did they do it? If you’re looking for a conversation starter, calling your next book Why Democracy Encourages Terrorism would probably work. Everything you've been told about radicalization is wrong: Despite the rhetoric, scary YouTube videos don't turn people into terrorists. How much danger do we face from homegrown jihadist terrorists? Since 9/11, successful domestic terror plots like the Boston Marathon bombing have been rare exceptions. Karen Greenberg on five myths about Guantanamo Bay. Jack Goldsmith on how Obama's secrecy is destroying American support for counterterrorism: When Obama took office, he promised not to expend "the rule of law" for "expedience's sake" — he did, and now we all face the consequences.