Kendy M. Hess reviews The Environment: Philosophy, Science, and Ethics. When the Earth moved: Nicholas Lemann on the fate of Earth Day. The environmental movement must broadly mobilize for a new, green society that people can believe in, but is "nature" enough motivation? Erik Martiniussen wonders. How nature resets our minds and bodies: Adam Alter on the research behind an understanding that natural environments refocus our attention, lessening stress and hastening healing. Jack Tuholske on the Great American Commons: Our National Forests cover 191 million acres in forty states. Dan Handel on Dietrich Brandis and the birth of modern forestry. Not the portrayal of part of nature — Adorno’s final words on natural beauty: Tom Allen relates bourgeois “nature” to the founding violence of judgement. Amy Shira Teitel on how the Aurora Borealis nearly started World War III.