JoAnne Sweeny (Louisville): History of Adultery and Fornication Criminal Laws. Better read than red: Infuriating and brilliant, the New Statesman turns 100. From The University Bookman, Pedro Blas Gonzalez on human nature, allegory, and truth in Plato’s Republic (and part 2). 4,000 years of oaths, curses, and obscenity: Melissa Mohr examines the power of swearing — and what our worst curses say about us. From New English Review, Norman Berdichevsky on Oriana Fallaci, woman of valor; and must we burn Derrida? Mark Gullick wonders. Jason Weidemann on what university presses do. Asya Pereltsvaig on the Karaites: Who are they, and where do they live? In 1978, at age eighteen, Dolly Freed wrote Possum Living, a frugal-living book that made her briefly famous amid an infamous economy; then she went off the grid in the most unexpected of ways — she went mainstream.