From Philosophy and Public Issues, a special issue on political liberalism vs. liberal perfectionism. Enzo Rossi (Wales): Legitimacy, Democracy and Public Justification: Rawls’ Political Liberalism vs Gaus’ Justificatory Liberalism. John P. Clark (Loyola): The Third Concept of Liberty: Theorizing the Free Community. Michael Vincent (Queensland): The Language of Ideal and Nonideal. You can download Enlightenment Liberalism and the Challenge of Pluralism by Matthew Jones (PhD thesis). From CRB, Ken Masugi interviews James V. Schall, S.J. on what political philosophy is. Micah Schwartzman reviews Against Obligation: The Multiple Sources of Authority in a Liberal Democracy by Abner Greene. Andy Merrifield on the citizens’ agora and the new urban question: What would Rousseau, who penned his classic Discourse on Inequality in 1755, have made of things today?