Ingo E. Isphording (Bochum): Disadvantages of Linguistic Origin: Evidence from Immigrant Literacy Scores. Ken Walibora Waliaula (Wisconsin): The State of Swahili Studies: Remembering the Past, Present, and Future. From The Ancient Standard, a look at the other Easter Island mystery: Write or Rongorongo? (in 3 parts) As the lingua franca in the world today, English can serve as a Euro-American mental space and air bridge for the purpose of improving the relations between these two continents of the world. English may have retained words from an Ice Age language: A study suggests 15,000-year-old mother tongue gave rise to many modern languages (and more). Do “ultraconserved words” reveal linguistic macro-families? Asya Pereltsvaig investigates. Cracking the Voynich Code: Batya Ungar-Sargon on the quixotic quest to read meaning in the patterns of a bizarre manuscript that has bedeviled scholars for years.