Houston Wood (Hawaii Pacific): An Invitation to Peace Studies. Farnoosh Rezaee Ahan (Uppsala): Theories on Female Genital Mutilation. Michael Walzer on Syria: What ought to be done? Joseph S. Fulda on the logical source of the evidentiary problems with video/audio-taped evidence: Lessons from the court martial of Captain James T. Kirk. An excerpt from Pink Globalization: Hello Kitty’s Trek across the Pacific by Christine R. Yano. The indiscriminate use of “Nazi” to describe anything to do with German institutions and policies during Hitler’s dictatorship creates a false historical understanding, says Richard Overy. What makes a political winner? Ideology and party platforms are overrated. David A. Nibert explains why veganism is a global imperative, and how we can work around the barriers to this goal thrown up by the capitalist system.