Takis S. Pappas (Macedonia): Why Greece Failed. Bojan Bugaric (Ljubljana): Europe Against the Left? On Legal Limits to Progressive Politics. Jens Dammann (Texas): The Right to Leave the Eurozone. Josephine A. W. Van Zeben (Indiana): Agenda Research Agenda for a Polycentric European Union. Brussels is not empowered to be a policeman for liberal democracy in Europe, not yet — but should it be? Following recent developments in Hungary and Romania, Jan-Werner Muller argues that it is legitimate for Brussels to interfere in individual member states as a democracy watchdog. George Soros and Hans-Werner Sinn debate the German Question. Ninety years after the March on Rome, fans and worshippers are still drawn to Mussolini’s hometown to commemorate his ideology. Alexander Svitych on why European identity will never work: Case study “EU vs. USSR”. The new European Heritage Label is here.