The quest for imperfection: To tech enthusiasts, the world is a problem waiting to be solved through progress — but what if many of us are quite content to live imperfectly? The One-Person Product: Marco Arment on David Karp and Tumblr. Felix Salmon on why Yahoo-Tumblr makes sense. Back from the dead, AOL is reinventing itself as a media company. David Goldman on Shodan, the scariest search engine on the Internet. Over salad and club sandwiches at his $24m rented mansion in New Zealand, “hacker king” Kim Dotcom tells David Pilling that his crazy days are behind him. The man who “nearly broke the internet”: Sven Olaf Kamphuis is accused of global cybercrime, but Spanish police found him in a squalid flat with his name on the letterbox. The Underhanded C Contest is a little different — it calls on software developers to create something that's deliciously malicious. Ever wonder what an internet troll is like in person? Mother Jones met one in his lair.