From the latest issue of Philosophy and Public Affairs, the late Ronald Dworkin on A New Philosophy for International Law; Joseph Heath (Toronto): The Structure of Intergenerational Cooperation; Avihay Dorfman (Tel Aviv) and Alon Harel (HUJ): The Case Against Privatization. Alissa Quart on adventures in neurohumanities: Applying neuroscience to the study of literature is fashionable — but is it the best way to read a novel? Carlos Lozada reviews Simpler by Cass Sunstein and Citizenville by Gavin Newsom. What baby names say about everything else: Social scientists turn to names to understand changing tastes, class, and how ideas spread. The cartography of bullshit: Siddhartha Mitter on Max Fisher’s map of the world’s most and least racially tolerant countries. Duke University Press announces the launch of Transgender Studies Quarterly. The journal The New Atlantis turns ten this week.