From Analecta Hermeneutics, a special issue on “Refiguring Divinity: Continental Philosophy of Religion”. Andrew F. March (Yale): Rethinking Religious Reasons in Public Justification. From the latest issue of Ctrl-Z, Nicole Pepperell (RMIT): The Exorcism of Exorcism: The Enchantment of Materiality in Derrida and Marx. Peter Danchin (Maryland): The Tangled Law and Politics of Religious Freedom. Thomas C. Berg (St. Thomas): Secular Purpose, Accommodations, and Why Religion is Special (Enough). Michael Hauskeller (Exeter): Something That Matters: The Religious Dimension of Moral Experience. Theocharis Grigoriadis (FUB): Religious Origins of Democracies and Dictatorships. Jeroen Temperman (EUR): Are State Churches Contrary to International Law? Troels Engberg-Pedersen reviews Paul, Philosophy, and the Theopolitical Vision: Critical Engagements with Agamben, Badiou, Zizek, and Others. Ray Pennings reviews Why Tolerate Religion? by Brian Leiter. Without the Bible, can there be democracy?