From 4strugglemag, a special issue on resisting sexism, homophobia and transphobia. From The Umlaut, J Arthur Bloom on paleo against the world (and a response and more). Obstruct this: After four years of Senate obstruction, Obama finally makes his move. Where does identity come from? A fascinating new neuroscience experiment probes an ancient philosophical question and hints that you might want to get out more. This summer is looking like it might bring the British far-right and those who oppose them into contact on a regular basis. The conservative plan to starve government has paid off with the IRS scandal: The more we learn about the IRS vetting of conservative groups, the less it looks like an abuse of power than something much more mundane — a beleaguered agency with too few resources to handle its work-load. Eric Horowitz on how your social status influences the way you’re judged.