A new issue of 21C Magazine is out. From the Claremont Review of Books, a review essay on geography and world politics by Colin Dueck. Amitai Etzioni on the moral minimum of arming rebels. From Metanexus, Lowell Gustafson on Big History and Big Politics and the dialectic of individualism and communitarianism; and the littleBIG History app is an interactive timeline that lets you explore world history on an unprecedented scale — from the first miliseconds after big bang to the present and beyond. Mat Little writes in praise of idleness and other scandalous notions. Cops and Robbers: Robert Whitaker on why the Church of Scientology hated Interpol. Joao Cezar de Castro Rocha on "anthropophagy as a worldview": Camus meets Oswald de Andrade. Satisfaction and smiles in an unequal world: If President Obama played basketball with the king of Bhutan, would the world have a better shot at becoming a happier place?