Zahra Albarazi (Tilburg): The Stateless Syrians. Lama Abu-Odeh (Georgetown): Egypt's New Constitution: The Islamist Difference. Paul A. Eden (Sussex): Palestinian Statehood: Trapped between Rhetoric and Realpolitik. Marcia A. Grant (Ashesi): Challenges of Introducing Liberal Arts Education for Women in the Middle East. From Ethics and International Affairs, a review essay on the Arab Spring, two years on, by Nader Hashemi. Extreme capitalism of the Muslim Brothers: The neoliberal policy of Egypt’s new president Mohamed Morsi looks very much like a continuation of that of Mubarak. How an American NGO came to Cairo after the revolution hoping to build a democracy, and ended up alienating the very people it was supposed to help. Ahmad Samih Khalidi on Palestine, peoples and borders in the new Middle East map. Aaron David Miller on the myth of the Arab state. How do we know the death toll in Syria is accurate?