From Slate, Scalia the Mullah: Nathaniel Frank on the justice’s misunderstanding of morality, and how it leads him astray in cases about homosexuality. From Salon, Michael Lind on how the debate over affirmative action reveals a split among liberals — the charity liberals vs. the solidarity liberals. Noah Feldman on how the civil rights era ended yesterday (and more by Rep. John Lewis) — though it could be a poisoned chalice for the GOP. Nobody in Congress thinks they can fix the Voting Rights Act. Nate Silver on how geography, not the Voting Rights Act, accounts for most majority-minority districts. Al Gore calls President Obama’s remarks on the climate crisis a “terrific and historic speech, by far the best address on climate by any president ever” (and more and more). From TNR, Nate Cohn on why Democrats shouldn't fear Obama's climate change initiative; and Molly Redden on four ways the energy industry could derail Obama’s environmental regulations in court. IRSgate joins Solyndragate and Benghazigate in fake scandal heaven (and more). Bring on the upper-middle-class revolution: David Daley interviews Chris Hayes on Iraq, the economy, Katrina and elites. In defense of dessert: Chris Lehmann on the case against austerity. Eric Horowitz on the trouble with politicians who always talk about values.