A new issue of Global Labour Journal is out. Amos N. Guiora (Utah): Humanitarian Intervention and Sovereignty Under the Umbrella of Geo-Politics. From Fletcher Forum, Raymond Taras (Tulane): Why We Need the Novel: Understanding World Politics Through Literature. Rifat Azam (Radzyner): The Political Feasibility of a Global E-Commerce Tax. Fredrik M. Sjoberg (Columbia): Political Parties and Election Fraud. M. Shahid Alam (Northeastern): Did Colonialism Retard Human Resource Development? Theory and Cross-Country Evidence. Ezra Klein interviews Bill Gates: “Death is something we really understand extremely well”. Who even needs the nation-state in the 21st century? From Facebook to private schools to security guards, citizens are replacing traditional government functions with a "virtual state". Zalfa Feghali reviews Citizens Without Frontiers by Engin F. Isin. From Theory Talks, an interview with Keith Hart on the informal economy, the Great Transformation, and the humanity of corporations. Louise Rubacky reviews The Race for What’s Left: The Global Scramble for the World’s Last Resources by Michael T. Klare. Why do some conflicts get more media coverage than others? Olivia Mason reviews Doing Bad by Doing Good: Why Humanitarian Action Fails by Christopher J. Coyne.