A new issue of First Monday is out. From Obit, a decade after its coronation as the lingua franca of technological communication, has email already lost its crown? Guy Gugliotta on how the Internet is fast unravelling mysteries of the Mayan script. Bill Davidow on the Internet “narcissism epidemic”: Don't let popularity set your standard. Is the Internet killing the porn industry? Like other media industries, porn has seen cuts in jobs and fees during its mass migration to online publishing. Will the Internet blur the standard of beauty? We are all Internet addicts now — just don’t call it that. Kevin Fitchard on how you and I could become nodes in the Internet of things. Giles Turnbull on the Internet of actual things. The PC may be dying, but computing lives everywhere. Is cybertopianism really such a bad thing? Ethan Zuckerman writes in defense of believing that technology can do good. Heath Brown interviews Nicco Mele, author of The End of Big: How the Internet Makes David the New Goliath. Google shares details of futuristic new office park at NASA. Jimmy Wales is not an Internet billionaire: Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, has a brand new life in London with Kate Garvey, his third wife, whom he often describes as “the most connected woman in London”.