Joshua C. Hall and Marta Podemska-Mikluch (Beloit): Teaching the Economic Way of Thinking Through Op-Eds. From Conversations with History, Harry Kreisler interviews Gary S. Becker. Steven F. Hayward reviews Masters of the Universe: Hayek, Friedman, and the Birth of Neoliberal Politics by Daniel Stedman Jones and The Great Persuasion: Reinventing Free Markets since the Depression by Angus Burgin. From the APSA Organized Section on Political Economy, tributes to four recently deceased giants of political economy: James Buchanan, Albert Hirschman, William Niskanen, and Elinor Ostrom. From This View of Life, a special issue on evolution and economics and the emerging new paradigm for improving public policy. David Sloan Wilson on a good social Darwinism: Evolution has transformed all we know about how humans behave, compete and co-operate — when will economics catch up? From the Distributist Review, almost the entire field of economics is dominated by the idea of scarcity and the resulting mandate for economic efficiency — but what if these foundational principles of economics are in fact incorrect? Anna Grodecka reviews Behavioural Economics and Finance by Michelle Baddeley. From, here is an Econometrics Cheat Sheet.