Five years after launch, ProPublica’s Stephen Engelberg and Richard Tofel reflect on the nonprofit’s early days, getting readers involved in investigations, and the health of nonprofit journalism. Is Marty Baron the man to fix The Washington Post? The paper's new executive editor avoids new-media buzzwords, abhors self-promotion, and espouses traditional journalistic values. A new kind of activist journalism: Jan Schaffer on when finding solutions are part of journalists’ job, too. The Citizen Journalist: George Packer on the fast, fun career of Andrew Breitbart. Meagan Hatcher-Mays read the Daily Mail — everything that a self-identified feminist and crusader for social justice ought to despise — because she’s a Monster. "What part of Politico do you not understand?": Isaac Chotiner interviews John F. Harris and Jim VandeHei on the dark art of driving the conversation. Columbia J-School looks to shed “old school” image with curriculum revamp. Selling out for sponsored content: Michael Serazio on how publishers of sponsored content are playing fast and loose with credibility, the “unique value proposition” journalism has to offer. Sushi, muffins, and hipsters: Noreen Malone on a complete guide to gentrification in The New York Times.