A new issue of the Journal for Public Deliberation is out. Loren King (Wilfrid Laurier): Seeing Like a Theorist. Mark C. Modak-Truran (Mississippi): Legitimation. Re'em Segev (HUJ): Moral Rightness and the Significance of Law: Why, How and When Mistake of Law Matters. Frank J. Garcia (BC): Between Cosmopolis and Community: Globalization and the Emerging Basis for Global Justice. Anca Gheaus (Sheffield): The Feasibility Constraint on the Concept of Justice. What’s the point of political philosophy? Alex Worsnip reviews Justice for Earthlings by David Miller. George W. Rainbolt reviews International Law as Social Construct: The Struggle for Global Justice by Carlo Focarelli. Chantal Mouffe and Rainer Forst discuss “Inclusive Democracy: On the Relationship Between Democracy and Justice”. A roundtable with Rainer Forst on "Towards a Critical Theory of Transnational Justice", with James Tully, Mattias Kumm, Antje Wiener, and Anthony F. Lang. Christine Korsgaard delivers the Pufendorf Lectures 2013 at Lund University, Sweden, on "The Natural History of the Good". Emily Coolidge Toker reviews Simone de Beauvoir and the Politics of Ambiguity by Sonia Kruks. Kimberley Brownlee is the philosophical jig-jiving jaw-jaw of civil disobedience. From The University Bookman, Pedro Blas Gonzalez on human nature, allegory, and truth in Plato’s Republic (and part 2).