Serguei Alex Oushakine (Princeton): Postcolonial Estrangements: Claiming a Space between Stalin and Hitler. From The Medieval Review, Kathleen G. Cushing reviews The Criminalization of Abortion in the West: Its Origins in Medieval Law by Wolfgang P. Muller. A guide to anti-choice concern: Opponents of abortion rights often make the same misleading arguments — here's why they're wrong. George Dyson on the NSA and the decision problem: The ultimate goal of signals intelligence and analysis is to learn not only what is being said, and what is being done, but what is being thought. Dylan Matthews on how insider trading enriches and informs us, and could prevent scandals — legalize it. David Weigel writes in defense of "Groundswell", the secret conservative messaging group. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg reacts to epidemic of voter suppression laws: Told ya so. There is a booming market for self-improvement guides among Americans eager to redeem themselves from the sins of sloth, gluttony, or general discontent — but what qualifies one person to tell another how best to live? From The Awl, Rhys Southan on how to argue with a vegan. Historian Jonathan Israel's magisterial three-volume history of the Radical Enlightenment is the intellectual version of a JCB, ripping up the terrain around him; Kenan Malik follows him down the dark alleys of the Age of Reason. Sunetra Gupta on pandemics: Are we all doomed?