Chios C. Carmody (UWO): The Shirts on Our Backs: The Rana Plaza Disaster, Interdependence, and the Shifting Locus of Responsibility. Christopher David Ruiz Cameron (Southwestern): The Rule of Law Goes to Work: How Collective Bargaining May Promote Access to Justice in the U.S., Canada, and Around the World. Judy Fudge (Victoria) and Guy Mundlak (Tel Aviv): Justice in a Globalizing World: Resolving Conflicts Involving Workers Rights beyond the Nation State. Avery Kolers (Louisville): How Sweatshops are Immoral. Evgeny Kuzmin on how migrant workers are finding opportunity in the Russian Far East. 10 hardest working countries: Where in the world do workers toil the most each year? Jason Hickel on why it's time for a global minimum wage: Capitalism has been globalised, but the rules that protect people from capitalism have not. These miserable Chinese factory workers suffer for your cheap iPhones. Matthew Yglesias on how Apple is stealing wages from Apple Store employees. What is life like for an Amazon worker? Hamilton Nolan investigates. Think your office is soulless? Check out this Amazon fulfillment center. After decades of decline, black lung on the rise in Eastern Kentucky. A movement of one-day strikes carried out across the country by low-wage fast-food workers is gaining steam (and more at Vice and more by Kevin Drum).