Pelin Kesebir and Tom Pyszczynski (Colorado): Meaning as a Buffer for Existential Anxiety. From Harvard Law Review, Nancy Leong (Denver): Racial Capitalism (and a response by Richard Thompson Ford). Sally Satel on James Q. Wilson and the defense of moral judgment. Don't be fooled by the 20-week abortion bans — it's really about the other provisions, the ones that would make abortion all but illegal state-by-state. Tea Party to Republicans: Shut down the government, or you're a sellout. From Wired, the cheat code to life: Sneaky tricks, workarounds, and creative rule-bending to outwit the chumps and get what you want. Whither cultural critics? With access to books, movies, and television more open than ever, and research showing that crowdsourcing leads to biases, cultural criticism needs to change. Hedge funds: Rock stars to fallen stars? Kosovo marks 100th recognition, Abkhazia struggles to keep a handful of them. Forget the Capra-esque spirit of West Wing: Hit dramas such as Scandal, House of Cards, and Homeland paint Washington as a malignant game of thrones, with hit men and torture on tap — meanwhile, on the comedy front, Veep and Alpha House find their fun in political dysfunction. Neil Irwin on how the decline of newspapers has been good for everybody else. Creator of xkcd reveals secret backstory of his epic 3,099-panel comic. Google revamps search to feature in-depth articles.