Santosh Anagol (Penn), Alvin Etang, and Dean S. Karlan (Yale): Continued Existence of Cows Disproves Central Tenets of Capitalism? From Foreign Affairs, Ruchir Sharma on the rise of the rest of India: In Indian politics, caste and religion still matter, but in many states, economic competence now matters more — things look bad in New Delhi, but the capital is not the whole of India. Partha Dasgupta on getting India wrong: Critics and supporters of the country’s economic liberalisation make the same error — they forget about pollution and population. Raghuram Rajan is India’s new central banker — God help him. Made Outside India: As growth slows and reforms falter, economic activity is shifting out of India. If India's really booming, why is the rupee crashing? How India got its funk: India’s economy is in its tightest spot since 1991 — now, as then, the answer is to be bold (and more). What happened to India's economic miracle? Subcontinental drift: A slowing economy, an exploding submarine, corruption scandals — what's happened to India? India’s Dongria Kondh tribe has overwhelmingly rejected plans by notorious British mining giant Vedanta Resources for an open-pit bauxite mine in their sacred Niyamgiri Hills, in an unprecedented triumph for tribal rights. The “Proud Not Primitive” campaigns challenges the prevailing view in India that tribal peoples are “backwards” and “primitive”. Exploiting tragedy: Shiladitya Verma on dark tourism.