Timothy J. Demy, Demetri Economos, and Jeffrey M. Shaw (NWC): Historical and Social Constructs of Technology: Contexts and Value for the Contemporary World. Hugo Chesshire (Brock): The Death of the Internet: Online Freedom and the Problem of Technology. Joel Mokyr on why technopessimism is bunk. The machine of a new soul: Computers will help people to understand brains better — and understanding brains will help people to build better computers. Do our brains pay a price for GPS? Leon Neyfakh on how a useful technology interferes with our “mental mapping” — and what to do about it. At the Draper University of Heroes, tech dreamers are taught to don capes and believe in Silicon Valley’s most idealized version of itself. Noam Cohen on the Internet’s verbal contrarian: The writer Evgeny Morozov has quickly become the most prominent critic of the utopian promises coming from Silicon Valley. Sam Biddle’s job at Valleywag is to note just how self-absorbed the tech industry in Silicon Valley and San Francisco (and occasionally New York) can be. Mr Geek goes to Washington: America’s tech tycoons are seeking to “hack” politics. John Judis on the GOP plan to crush Silicon Valley: What will become of Steve Jobs’s angel? Matthew Yglesias on why the Justice Department was absolutely right to go after Microsoft in the 1990s. Nicholas Thompson on why Steve Ballmer failed (and more). Nicholas Carson on the Truth about Marissa Mayer: An Unauthorized Biography.