From Wired, Betsy Mason and Greg Miller introduce the Map Lab: A quest to find, explore, and make maps; meet Anthony Robinson, the man who wants to teach the world to make maps; and why do so many people love making maps? Here is a map of places actually discovered by Europeans — the tiny islands that European explorers really did discover. Kohr Principles: Frank Jacobs on how borders can have a profound effect on how you think about your country and its place in the world. Stefany Anne Golberg on a World without Borders: What if boundaries as we know them disappeared? Martin W. Lewis on mapping the terms used for first-order administrative divisions. Here's what Pangea looks like mapped with modern political borders (and more). Paleo by comparison: On the million-year-old map. Josephine Livingstone on mapping the newest old map of the world. Here be blank spaces: Jonathan Crowe on vaguely medieval fantasy maps. From WSJ, what lurks beyond the boundaries: A look at maps through time and what they did, and didn't, show us. Max Fisher on 40 maps that explain the world. Adrian Dudek on putting maths on the map with the four colour theorem. A look at how DigitalGlobe maps can predict the future. Ariel Schwartz on how to turn your data into beautiful 3-D maps. See Google Maps hacked into gorgeous abstract art. David Pescovitz on a simple map design tool from Stamen. Andy Woodruff on six map links that every cartographer has seen a million times.