Il Hyun Cho (Cleveland State) and Seo-Hyun Park (Lafayette): The Rise of China and Varying Sentiments in Southeast Asia Toward Great Powers. John D. Ciorciari (Michigan): China and Cambodia: Patron and Client? Stone Wars: In the disputed territory of Kashmir, civilians wage a battle without modern weapons against “the idea of domination”. Amy Chew on Indonesia's burning question: Environmentalists allege officials are being bribed to ignore illegal forest fires. India's next leader might be a man banned by the U.S. Hansley A. Juliano reviews Unplanned Development: Tracking Change in Asia by Jonathan Rigg. The Great Asian Sell-Off: Why are investors suddenly fleeing markets in South and Southeast Asia? Faine Greenwood on the 8 stages of genocide against Burma’s Rohingya. In search of an Asian or Asean identity: Khanh Vu Duc on the fallacy of universal Asian values. Fifty shades of pink: Some countries in South East Asia consider gay marriage, but elsewhere attitudes harden. Jeremy Fernando on how Lee Kuan Yew’s death has already taken place. A look at how radical Buddhism threatens Myanmar’s path to democracy. Umika Pidaparthy on how India's state divisions evolve past language: The linguistic borders used to shape the country may no longer be adequate. Todd Crowell on the collapse of racial politics in Southeast Asia. Bijoyeta Das on the slow death of India's Majuli Island: Every year many are forced to leave this cultural hotspot as monsoons steadily erode the island.