Richard Schragger (Virginia): Is a Progressive City Possible? Reviving Urban Liberalism for the Twenty-First Century. Gianpaolo Baiocchi (NYU), Alissa Cordner (Whitman), and Elizabeth A Bennett, Peter Taylor Klein, and Stephanie Savell (Brown): The Civic Imagination: Political Culture in Contemporary American Cities. Dysfunctions and divisions of Israel’s largest city: Yonatan Mendel diagnoses the incoherent urbanism produced by its history of occupation and segregation, and by the vast, settlement-driven distension of its boundaries after 1967. Could a private university have made a difference in Detroit? Brad Plumer on the 20 cities that have the most to lose from rising sea levels. A beacon of hope: John Patrick Pullen on how a dying city glows with optimism over its plan for a giant lava lamp. Can one man change the shape of an entire city? Emily Badger investigates. A love letter to small-town America, Local Quarterly is the New York-based magazine that sets off to discover the stories of a different town each issue. John Quiggin on cronyism and the global city (again). Richard Florida on how the most famous models for how cities grow are wrong. Fergus Alexander reviews A History of Future Cities by Daniel Brook. How many gentrification critics are actually gentrifiers themselves? Ron Johnston reviews Cities: An Environmental History by Ian Douglas. The Manchester model: When considering cities, never underestimate the importance of football and pop music.