David Barnhizer (Cleveland State): Through a PRISM Darkly: Surveillance and Speech Suppression in the Post-Democracy Electronic State. Adam Chodorow (ASU): Death and Taxes and Zombies (“This article fills a glaring gap in the academic literature by examining how the estate and income tax laws apply to the undead”.) From Nautilus, a special issue on the unlikely: Chasing the odds. Hoe down: Cara Parks on how small-scale farmers have turned to high tech to invent the tools they need. David Petraeus: Voldemort comes to CUNY. Done right, security and liberty should reinforce each other — Jane Harman on how to do it right. Why does the Right hate Obamacare? Robert Paul Wolff investigates. Forbes calls Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein holier than Mother Teresa. Ben Walsh on the opportunity cost of buying iPhones and Cronuts. From Harvard Business Review, here is a history of the world in three sentences. An interview with Rob Goodman and Jimmy Soni, authors of Rome’s Last Citizen: The Life and Legacy of Cato, Mortal Enemy of Caesar. Joshua Jelly-Schapiro on the coastal consciousness of John Gillis: The historian explores the tense meeting of land and sea. Hanna Rosin on Murder by Craigslist: A serial killer finds a newly vulnerable class of victims — white, working-class men. Health care and education are messed up for the same reason: How do you keep costs down for a product when consumers can't say "no"?