Jeremy Waldron (NYU): International Law: “A Relatively Small and Unimportant” Part of Jurisprudence? Miles Kahler (UC-San Diego): Rising Powers and Alternative Modes of Global Governance. Kelli K. Garcia and Lawrence O. Gostin (Georgetown): One Health, One World: The Intersecting Legal Regimes of Trade, Climate Change, Food Security, Humanitarian Crises, and Migration. William Felice (Eckerd): Global Citizenship and Moral Interdependence: Protecting Individual Positive Identity and Ecological Balance. Mark S. Berlin (UC-Irvine): The Worldwide Criminalization of Genocide in Domestic Legal Systems. Sean D. Murphy (GWU): What a Difference a Year Makes: The International Court of Justice's 2012 Jurisprudence. Eric Posner on Assad and the death of the International Criminal Court: The failure to prosecute him will be the end for the ICC’s brand of global justice (and more). Jim Arkedis on it's time for a new United Nations: The struggle to find a diplomatic solution on Syria within the Security Council exposed the need for a new global decision-making body. Why has President Obama failed to close the gap between the U.S. and the rest of the world in the United Nations? Some data and some answers. Jure Vidmar on his book Democratic Statehood in International Law: The Emergence of New States in Post-Cold War Practice.