Joseph E. Uscinski and Joseph Parent (Miami): American Conspiracy Theories. A nation of truthers: Jesse Walker, author of The United States of Paranoia, lays out five conspiracy theories (and more and more and more). A brief history of conspiracy theories: Throughout our history, Americans have been sure someone was plotting against us. The Area 51 truthers were right: The government misled us about Area 51 for decades — why aren't we outraged? David Suzuki on how conspiracy theories fuel climate change denial and chemtrail beliefs. A look at how conspiracy theorists are more focused on discrediting official accounts than proposing their own. Derek Beres on the conspiracy of conspiracy theorizing. Josh Marshall on health care reform and the brilliant and notorious “Kristol Memo”, the initial manifesto of manufactured gridlock as a political strategy that now rules our national politics. Sandy Rios uses Kenya massacre to promote birther conspiracy theories. Thomas Pynchon on 9/11: American literature’s greatest conspiracy theorist finally addresses his country’s greatest trauma. You can’t handle the truther: CIA agents plot the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon. Francis Wilkinson on why Benghazi conspiracy theories don't catch on. Larry Klayman, the conservative attorney and birther who called for a coup against President Barack Obama earlier this month, has scheduled what he's describing as a "day of reckoning". Erika Eichelberger on the 7 craziest Obamacare conspiracy theories and why they're wrong.