Bear Braumoeller (OSU): Is War Disappearing? John Fabian Witt (Yale): Two Conceptions of Suffering in War. Allan Dafoe (Yale), Jonathan Renshon (Wisconsin), and Paul Huth (Maryland): Reputation and Status as Motives for War. Jon Simons (Indiana): The In/Visibility of Peace: Or "When Did You Last Go to See a Peace Movie?" From Anthropologies, a special issue on anthropology and war. Robert D. Sloane reviews The Verdict of Battle: The Law of Victory and the Making of Modern War by James Q. Whitman. Is there a war instinct? David P. Barash on how many evolutionists believe that humans have a drive for waging war — but they are wrong and the idea is dangerous. Is war really in decline? Wait 150 years after the last major war to know for sure. Neither Hobbes nor Rousseau: Larry Arnhart on the Lockean way in the evolution of war and peace. Walking loudly and carrying a big stick: Micah Zenko on why women are less inclined to start wars. Jacob Heilbrunn on the case for Norman Angell: He said that economic interdependence had made war obsolete; four years later, World War One turned him into a laughingstock — yet his later career saw him abandon many of his own illusions. Douglas A. McDonnell and Evan V. Symon on 6 of the most heartwarming stories ever (happened in wars). John Siebert on the top 10 reasons why there is hope for peace on earth.