Tatyana Deryugina (Illinois) and Olga Shurchkov (Wellesley): When are Appearances Deceiving? The Nature of the Beauty Premium. The best, brightest, and least productive: Are too many of our most talented people choosing careers in finance — and, more specifically, in trading, speculating, and other allegedly “unproductive” activities? Get a life: If you're more productive, you get to work less. Andrew Leonard on why we hate the new tech boom: Our new masters aren't going away — and neither is a two-tiered employment world which makes inequality worse. Dean Baker on getting to full employment: It actually is not that complicated. Daniel Baker on an emergent class of underemployment. Peter Frase on “bullshit jobs” and the ethic of marginal value. Jordan Weissman on why the poor don't work, according to the poor: Few say it's because they can't find jobs — but is that a reason to take away their food stamps? Nina Martin on the impact and echoes of the Walmart discrimination case. What’s Walmart’s real game plan — aside from refusing to pay a living wage? Nicole Aschoff on how low-wage workers fight to make bad jobs better. The young, low-wage, temporary disaster relief army: Is AmeriCorps a lifeline for debt-burdened young Americans — or one more example of relentless government cost-cutting? A look at how interns are resisting working for free. Ian Svenonius is against tipping: So long as the karmic tip jar clouds our perceptions, the insane injustice of an underpaid labor force reimbursed through only the guilty feelings of their coworkers will persist.