Lucia H. Seyfarth (Penn): Child Soldiers to War Criminals: Trauma and the Case for Personal Mitigation. John Martinez (Utah): Graceful Losers. If cities are our future, do we even need the U.S. government? Tim Lacy on the First Things school of history: Culture Wars to 2013. The recent hype around 3D printing has revolved mostly around the capacity for these printers to make guns, but could this new, futuristic technology also be used for such good as addressing global food scarcity and security? Yochai Benkler on how the NSA gets negligible intel from Americans' metadata — so end collection. Books don't want to be free: Evan Hughes on how publishing escaped the cruel fate of other culture industries (and more). Waterboarding is a big joke at Cheney roast: Ben Smith on a sentimental evening at the Plaza for Cheney, Rumsfeld, Mukasey, and Lieberman. David Weigel on gerrymandering denialists. Zack Beauchamp on how racism caused the shutdown. Economists and fellow policy makers give a warm welcome to Janet Yellen’s nomination as US Federal Reserve chair (and more). Dan Amira and Jonathan Chait on the 8 most plausible ways a debt-ceiling catastrophe could be averted. If nobody's too worried about a default, there's less urgency to avoid it — so if everyone could be more worried, then we could be less worried. The Daily Default Dashboard is now “Getting kind of scary”. Should we root for economic catastrophe? Maybe!