Corey Ciocchetti (Denver): Understanding the Second Amendment: A Five Page Synopsis. Armando Freitas Da Rocha and Fabio T. Rocha (RANI): Gun Control: What Goes on in Your Brain. David Kairys (Temple): Self-Defense and Gun Regulation for All. Daniel Luzer on how the history of citizen ownership of firearms isn’t just about protection against tyranny; it’s also about forcing subjects to defend tyranny. Children and guns, the hidden toll: Children shot accidentally — usually by other children — are collateral casualties of the accessibility of guns in America. John Whitehead on the growing phenomenon of police shooting unarmed citizens. More guns kill more people, a study finds. Mad about guns: Marc Pitzke on America's deadly weapons obsession. Lisa Hix on why Americans love guns. Yolian Cerquera on America’s hazardous gun culture. Adam Gopnik on a few simple ideas about gun control. A new survey finds a majority of gun dealers support both comprehensive background checks on gun buyers, and banning people with serious criminal records, mental illnesses, or a history of alcohol abuse from buying firearms. The gun rights crowd might be right about mental health: While their intentions aren't necessarily pure, the numbers suggest they're actually on to something. Gun owners are using Instagram to privately sell firearms, evade background checks. A television show funded by the NRA has been cancelled after the host of the programme shot an elephant in the face and then compared his critics to Adolf Hitler.