A new issue of Hoover Digest is out. Ashley Deeks (Virginia): The Observer Effect: National Security Litigation, Executive Policy Changes, and Judicial Deference. Martin Wolf on the reality of America’s fiscal future: The real debate is not about the debt — it is about whether citizens will fund the government. Nick Gillespie on why Ayn Rand would have loved Kickstarter. Lili Hornyai on male anxieties (re)created by men’s magazines; and on daughters of the darkness: Lesbian vampire before and after the Hays Code. Nate Cohn on why it's so hard for Democrats to retake the House. Steven Lubet and Kevin Chang on stupid juror questions. Witness to history: Zeke J Miller interviews Peggy Suntum on her 30 years as a White House stenographer. The secrets of Bezos: Brad Stone on how Amazon became the everything store. Nathaniel Peters reviews Conscience and Its Enemies: Confronting the Dogmas of Our Age by Robert P. George. Cardiff Garcia on the downsides of quantitative easing. From TNR, Matthew Waxman on why we need to regulate surveillance in our cities before it's too late; Matthew Shaer is on the ground with Syria's news smugglers: They go where professional journalists won't; and Jerome Groopman on the dangers of alternative medicine: Think the government should allow people to medicate themselves and their children however people want to?