Mattias Kumm (NYU): Constitutionalism and the Cosmopolitan State. Gianluigi Palombella (Parma): Global Legislation and its Discontents. Robert L. Howse (NYU) and Ruti Teitel (NYLS): Does Humanity Law Require (or Imply) A Progressive Theory of History? (And Other Questions for Martti Koskenniemi). Prasanta K. Pattanaik (UC-Riverside) and Yongsheng Xu (Georgia State): Freedom and Its Value. Arie Rosen (NYU): Two Logics of Authority: Reason and Fiat in Modern Law. Felix Gerlsbeck (Columbia): “Above All, Try Something”: Can Experimental Political Authority Be Justified? Jacob Weinrib (NYU): Authority, Justice, and Public Law: A Unified Theory. Fred Frohock (Miami): Slouching Toward Realpolitik: Public Reason as Political Morality. David Ingram (Loyola): Reconciling Positivism and Realism: Kelsen and Habermas on Democracy and Human Rights. Guglielmo Verdirame (King's): Human Rights in Political and Legal Theory. Tim Hayward (Edinburgh): Human Rights vs Property Rights. Christopher Meckstroth (Cambridge): Could Kant Support Human Rights? Kant's Arguments and Their Contemporary Relevance. Joseph Raz (Oxford): On Waldron's Critique of Raz on Human Rights. Jeremy Waldron (NYU): Civility and Formality. Samuel Moyn reviews Dignity, Rank, and Rights by Jeremy Waldron (and more) and Dignity: Its History and Meaning by Michael Rosen (and more). Law as a leap of faith: John Gardner is a big beast of legal philosophy.