Haifeng Huang (UC-Merced): A War of (Mis)Information: The Political Effects of Rumors and Rumor Rebuttals in an Authoritarian Country. Roderic Broadhurst (ANU): The Legacy of the Bo Xilai Trial: How Corruption and Its Suppression Threaten China's Future. From n+1, Rebecca Liao on China’s constitutional crisis. From NYRB, a review essay on China by Ian Johnson. Gideon Rachman reviews The China Choice: Why We Should Share Power by Hugh White. Adam Minter explores China's central role in the world's vast global recycling trade. John Knight on five reasons why China has the most interesting economy in the world. A letter from a Chinese forced-labor camp is found in Kmart Hallowe'en decorations. Christopher Beam on his day in the world's biggest building — a Chinese mall you've never heard of. Hayes Brown on the relaxation of China’s infamous “one-child” policy. China's building cities so fast, people don't have time to move in. Why do international students go to China? Andrys Onsman investigates. Eliza Filby on teaching China's Anglophiles. Why are hundreds of Harvard students studying ancient Chinese philosophy? Christine Gross-Loh wonders. It’s OK if your kid isn’t fluent in Chinese yet. Forget prophecy and wisdom — using the I Ching is a weirdly useful way to open your mind to life’s unexpected twists. Andaleeb Akhand on explaining the longevity of the Chinese world order. Daniel Bell on why we must measure national harmony: The ideal is as universal as freedom, fairness, and happiness.