Ingar Solty (York): The Crisis Interregnum: Considerations on the Political Articulation of the Global Crisis — from the New Right-Wing Populism to the Occupy Movement. Robert Clowes (UNL): The Reality of the Virtual Self as Interface to the Social World. From TNR, a cover story by T.A. Frank on how America's least-favorite city has become television's favorite subject. Alan Ryan (re)considers Aristotle and Machiavelli. Amy Lerman on what Medicare can teach us about the future of Obamacare. Samir Husni on the global world of magazines: “There is not that much difference in the way readers and users migrate between platforms and formats for content,” says John Relihan, CEO, Media24 Magazines, South Africa. Matthew Fuhrmann on the case for optimism: Convincing Iran to settle for nuclear latency may require some concessions from the United States — but this isn't surprising. What will the "new normal" for America be? Brad DeLong on a series of scenarios. Paul Krugman on a permanent slump: The new normal for our economy may be a state of mild depression. Guess what was discovered beneath Antarctica's massive ice sheet? The last thing the continent needs is an active volcano. While far from a dictatorship, the United States has employed a number of paranoid tactics that delegitimize its democracy — this phenomenon is on display in the fictional TV series "Homeland," which depicts hysterical CIA agents in a hysterical country.